Finally, a year in.

Welp. I’ve been playing comedy for a full year now.

There’s something ridiculously satisfying about putting together a set and/or show, learning what’s good and what’s bad and sometimes being recognized for it… It’s crazy good.

It’s all about a few good ideas and being surrounded by people who support you (and who you want to support), it’s definitely a 2 way street.

The little things, the little efforts, the fans who want you to succeed and the fans who show up to laugh – without them I’d just be a girl with a dream.

Between comedy shows, writing sessions, technical tips, podcasts, podcasters, listeners and subscribers… My experience has been life changingly cool.

Matt would be proud of me.

Thanks to everyone who has been there for me throughout my first year in comedy. I can’t explain how much your support means.

This year has been crucial in my personal development as a human being. The good, the bad, and everything in between as far as the pendulum swings.

I have no idea what is next but that’s half the fun of working hard at something you love. The more goals I make, the more goals I achieve.

Thank you <3

*12/19 might not happen.

**12/30 will be added because Zach Bennett is moving away :'( and I’m going to hang out at Tir na nOg twice that week.

***I’m tired and I’m not fixing it.