Do what you do, like what you like, and take sh*t off of nobody

What a mantra, right? Do what you do, like what you like, and don’t take shit from anyone. Thanks to my bestie Ian Monroe for that monumentally important philosophy lesson.

I recently heard someone say “I hope you die in a fire” to someone recently, and that’s a horrible thing to say to someone. I mean, I wouldn’t wish death by fire, or shingles virus, or anything comparable on my worst enemy. They deserve it but it’s not my place to wish that kind of shit.

I’ve been very busy.  I have farted in public at least 12 times today. It’s a good thing my dog likes farts.

I have recently rewritten my entire usual stand up set, and I’ve been preparing for my upcoming showcase at Broken Cauldron. We’re having a special crushed velvet dog bed made for Duncan to sit in during the show, which he will totally lay in for the entirety of the showcase.  Dunk will definitely be at the showcases but he will be under strict supervision of trusted folks.

Someone recently told me that I should start dating as a way to feed myself. I find that incredibly difficult to entertain. Have you dated for no other reasons but to be fed for nothing more than food and attention? That seems like the worst.

I wish I had more to say here but I want to continue the idea of living by the descriptor of “do what you do, like what you like, and don’t take shit from anyone”.

Happy labor day and I hope you proactively bought flood insurance,