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SOO many Tidbits!

What is Tidbits? It's a podcast!
What's it about? It depends on the episode!

Who's on it? Steve Etchie and Lesley Jo. I was added as co-host to Tidbits in January 2019, and it's been non-stop fun ever since!

Tidbits is an edited show, interview and/or story with or without a guest, pieced together in segments.

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  • 87. We Play with Adult Toys May 22, 2020
    Today is our 1 year dating anniversary, and we didn’t mention it on the show! We are in studio discussing a wide array of local nostalgia and culture. Repressed memories are a thing (again!) and perhaps this one will not mention you by name. We talk about what it takes to get gunned down by […]
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 86. Must release now! May 11, 2020
    We finally got back to the studio to release this episode, after the goading of a friend on Facebook.  Thank you, Jenny!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 85. On Time! April 16, 2020
    We finally release when we're supposed to!  We talk about fun stuff to keep away the boredom and other such things!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 84. Survival Guide April 11, 2020
    We're back!  It's been far too long but we cooked up some fun conversation between the two of us.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 83. Austin Kleeman's Stand-Up March 13, 2020
    We talk with up and coming stand up comedian Austin Kleeman, and Lesley and Etchie talk about moving, among other things.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 82. Cuttin' Up with the KitchenKillaz March 5, 2020
    We were impressed by these guys when we first met them, we took their business card and emailed them and voila! we had them in the studio for an uplifting interview that made us proud of our wonderfully talented community. We suggest that you catch their live show every Friday at 9:05 pm on their […]
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 81. Trevor Fraser February 29, 2020
    This episode we talk with Trevor Fraser, an entertainment writer for the Orlando Sentinel.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 80. Ken Miller, Godfather of Orlando Comedy February 15, 2020
    Ken Miller joins us in studio, and we have a jam-packed episode for you! We discuss how family and relationships can affect comedy, Ken trolls Lesley Jo to talk about who she doesn't like within the comedy scene, and Etchie learns more and more about what it's like to hang out with comedians regularly. We […]
    PFT Media LLC
  • 79. Comedian & Animatronican Jeff Jones February 6, 2020
    In-studio with comedian extraordinaire, Jeff Jones!  We discuss siblings and lack thereof, producing award-winning shows and we dive deep into the Knitty-gritty of old school Orlando comedy.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 78. Going Ham With Chris Fio January 23, 2020
    We have Chris Fio in and talk to him about pets, what makes him bored, and a slew of other subjects that make this episode worth listening to.  Be on the lookout for Chris!  He's gonna be doing things!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 77. Goofin with Joey Mazzant & Remy of Goofduck Podcast January 11, 2020
    This week we talk to Remi Archard and Joey Mazzant from the podcast, GoofDuck!  Lots of theme park talk, and stories, old and new.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 76. Our First Etchley-versary! January 4, 2020
    We’re seeing blurry this 2020, but we are back in focus! We are in the studio together for our 1 year together as the hosts of Tidbits. We hope you all have enjoyed our ridiculous banter, and we appreciate each and every one of you (and your downloads) hehe. It’s a brand new year, and […]
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 75. Christmas Again This Year! Etchley's First Christmas December 22, 2019
    It seems to happen every year!  This episode is late as there were technical difficulties and this is the hardest time to get anything done.  Etchie loves Christmas and it shows.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 74. Feiling the Tidbitty Meats with Comedian Erick Feiling December 14, 2019
    We sit down with local podcaster, comedian, and CrossFit champ Erick Feiling and discussed everything except religion or politics! We also got him to tell us his secrets about... Ack! You just need to listen!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 73. Bitten Up The Tid December 5, 2019
    We are back! After a few very busy weeks, and a few days under the weather, we are excited to bring you episode #73! We are in studio discussing all of the bits of Tid, and we cover lots of ground. So many updates!! So many tidbits!! Also… Please know you’re invited to our event […]
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 72. Comedy Bus Tours & Our Asheville Trip Recap November 14, 2019
    We talk about our trip to Asheville and the Volusia Beer Bus Tour that Lesley put together.  It just happened!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 71. Just Us Hanging Around October 31, 2019
    We were just hanging around the house today and decided to go around recording whatever we felt like recording, and checked out the pool for the first time.  This episode is really different like so many are.  Let us know if you have a specific favorite segment and we'll keep it around!  Until then, we'll […]
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 70. Etchley's Exclusive Shih Tzu Review October 24, 2019
    This is one of our guestless episodes where the two of us just chat about various things.  We tried a couple of new things on this one, including a new segment as indicated by the episode title.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 69. Comedian Aimee LeCours October 17, 2019
    We talk with stand up comedian and all-around good person, Aimee Lecours!  There was lots of talk about growing up, and we learned that she was a figure skater.  Neither of us had any idea.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 68. AuthenTITOcy with Rhonda Michelle October 10, 2019
    We speak with Rhonda Michelle this week about relationships and what parts of entertainment she dabbles in.  Sometimes it's not so black and white.
    PFT Media, LLC

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