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What is Tidbits? It's a podcast!
What's it about? It depends on the episode!

Who's on it? Steve Etchie and Lesley Jo. I was added as co-host to Tidbits in January 2019, and it's been non-stop fun ever since!

Tidbits is an edited show, interview and/or story with or without a guest, pieced together in segments.

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  • 106. Thanks For Something! November 26, 2020
    We talk about what happened on Thanksgiving, 1982, the year we were born.  Among other things.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 105. Duncan's Uncle Chuckles November 19, 2020
    This week, we had an impromptu visit from our friend, and Duncan’s DogFather, Charles Blair! You can’t tell by listening, but this was his first time getting on the mic in a podcast studio, and he’s a natural. We talked about his experience with helping run a wrestling school when he was a young lad. […]
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 104. Brain Blast Matter Splatter! November 12, 2020
    This week, we were on Simon Time Trivia Show episode 157, check that out if you haven't already. Let us know how your score compares to ours if you play along at home. In this episode, by popular demand, we blast our brains in rapid-fire succession! We discussed ridiculously long names, short people, fart statistics […]
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 103. Crutches and Carrot Juice November 5, 2020
    Lesley and Etchie talk about cleaning cars and why many people's are really dirty, among other things.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • Halloween 2020! October 31, 2020
    We decided to throw out a bonus because we wanted to talk about Halloween and the next episode isn't until later next week!  Enjoy this now!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 102. Trivial Genius Simon Time! October 22, 2020
    For this episode, we have Simon Time in studio!  If you haven't checked out Simon Time Trivia (on PFT!), it's a must!  Also, catch him around town!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 101. Grape Scotch! October 8, 2020
     This episode, we interview actor and stand-up comic, Adam Murray.  About many things, but definitely a lot about scotch.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 100. Bungalower & the Beaver September 24, 2020
    It's our 100th episode!  We talk to Brendan O'Connor from the Bungalower about what it's like to be a foreign exchange student in Turkey, among other things.  Also, we talk about Etchie's camping trip and the latest comedy show Lesley was in!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 99. Hamburger Rapper September 10, 2020
    We talk about a new meal at McDonald's that's available!  It only took a couple of minutes.  The rest of the time we talked about things like an interview Lesley just did, crap about Amazon, whimsical tattoos, and Etchie is going on a camping trip!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 98. McDonald's Embalming August 27, 2020
    In this episode, we talk about prices changing from place to place with fast food, a woman that was thought dead until they were about to embalm her, and more!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 97. Do It Yourself August 13, 2020
    DIY is a cutesy way of telling someone to “do it yourself” which, as a “helper”, it’s not easy to tell someone to do something themselves, let alone do something yourself. But! “doing it yourself” can be a fun way of learning something new and not asking for help. Stepping out of your creative comfort […]
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 96. Tiddy Bitteners July 30, 2020
    This episode is hot as a summer day in Florida, and there’s a lot to unpack here!  We make a special announcement, we remain vague on some other announcements, and we discuss lots of topics ranging from quarantine babies to movie remakes. Be a winner and listen now! Thanks for listening!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 95. Kevin Tibbert is Hilarious July 20, 2020
    Daytona’s finest, Kevin Tibbert, calls in to the Tidbits Hotline and we talk shop about comedy, drugs, strippers, buttholes, heart attacks and much much more. Kevin is one-third of The Punt Cunishers, a trio of comics from Daytona Beach. Check him out, and thanks for listening to our show! Please don’t forget to subscribe.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 94. Creature Comforts and Kitchen Nostalgia July 9, 2020
    Our newest episode is fresh and ready, get it while it’s hot! We are happy to provide you with a respite from everything you’re trying to avoid, and this week we talk about what cheers us up, and also about our childhood (semi-broken) dreams, and many more bits of similar tid.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 93. Collect them all! July 3, 2020
    Lesley and Etchie talk with Ry from Disclaimers Not Apologies (DNA), primarily about things people collect!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 92. Cohesive June 25, 2020
    We had a lot of effortless fun coming up with this one!  Thanks for everyone that voted for the name of the segment (now called Bouncing Brain) and a special thank you to Carl Allen for coming up with an alternative so good, we're looking to form a different segment just so we can use […]
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 91. Hubristic June 19, 2020
    We go for another round of the conversational game THAT YOU CAN HELP NAME!  There will be a poll on the Tidbits page for you to vote for one of the two, very similar, names!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 90. Big Changes in the Bedroom June 11, 2020
    This week we are in studio, discussing a multitude of topics, including but not limited to our bedroom decor. Find us on Instagram (Tidbitspodcast) and tag us in your pictures (#tidbitsinthesheets), we want to see your sheets!   Also, this week on The Experience with Chris Fio, they are playing the Etchie interview that was […]
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 89. Mostly Non-Alcoholic Beer Bits June 5, 2020
    In this episode, we are pleased to present the second half of our State of the Beer Union Reunion! We sit down with Ed, Jeanna & her husband Ken to discuss metal music and beer collaborations, and we enjoy a can of non-alcoholic brew from BrewDog, for the band, Lamb of God. We love our […]
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 88. State of the Beer Reunion May 29, 2020
    We don't have a feed for State of the Beer Union anymore, but why let that stop us?  State of the Beer Union comes to Tidbits!
    PFT Media, LLC

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