Good Decisions and Good Dreams

Ok I’m being optimistic here. I’ve had so many terrible nightmares lately, and I’ve also made a couple bad choices, but I swear it’s mostly good choices. Any bad choices should never be forgiven and I should be burned at the stake for being so awful and terrible. Any perfect readers out there, cheers to you bucko, because you have it all figured out. I aspire to be like you, and I’m super impressed that you’re reading this horseshit. Makes me feel better about myself. I feel better about myself knowing that you are less perfect now because you’re reading my blog. Hooray for being imperfect. I know that skill really well, as do the other readers of my stories. I happen to like imperfections and I don’t have a type, especially when it comes to dating. That should be more than obvious by now.

Now that we have that out of the way, I’d like to talk about Zoloft. It’s my new medicine for anxiety and I have a few opinions about it. The one I want to discuss right now is how it impacts my dreams. It makes me have the most vivid and memorable dreams that I’ve ever experienced in my life. I haven’t even been able to find comedy in them, because they are so realistic and painful. It seems strange to even categorize them as dreams because most of them are night terrors and nightmares. The other night, no joke, I woke up broken out in hives and I swear it has everything to do with A) the weekend I had, B) my family, and C) I was exhausted and depleted mentally, emotionally and physically – especially after this “dream”. There’s no good sleep that comes from a nightmare about your friend wrecking us into another friends car, people vomiting at a party, me being towed down an interstate in a recliner, then to be captured by ?North? Koreans who were going to force me to eat 6 live fish from their tank in order to leave (one was a suckerfish) and if anyone really knows me (looking at you perfect people) I have a huge fish phobia and the idea of a fish out of water freaks me out so hard. There was also a male suitor in the dream that I can’t place, but ha, that’s my life amirite? Like, of course I took a benadryl at 4am when I woke up from that and of course I called in sick to work. That dream gave me hives because I’m pretty sure I swallowed fish in that dream. Alright, exhale, loud sigh. I’ve had a lot of dreams lately about getting in car crashes, and also witnessing car crashes. I don’t drive, y’all! I’ve never been in an accident! (knocks on wood) It’s intense. There’s no way I want to drive now, especially with these dreams. How’s the anxiety? Oh, it’s fine, except in my sleep.

I’m doing one of Big Tim’s concept shows tomorrow at Wills Pub, its $5 and I’ll be telling you my tips how to survive at Big Tim University, since I’ve been working on that liberal arts degree for several years now, there’s no reason you should miss this show.

Also, my show (obligatory plug) is coming soon (9/14), please save every 2nd Thursday of the month (x infinity) for this great showcase! The September lineup is stellar and that’s just the beginning.  There will be a food truck, fancy showcase beer, great comedy, free show… Life is good and even better with these things and these people. Soon I will share some video of me brewing our special beer for the upcoming showcases with thanks to my friends at Broken Cauldron and What Ales Ya podcast. My birthday is in October and hint hint we’re brewing a sour for October!

Alright that’s all I want to talk about for now.

If I don’t love you, I probably dislike you, but I might not have an opinion at all because nothing really matters.

Til next time, take it easy, or don’t.