I have a lot to say. This is a start.

I’ve been an introverted, only child for my whole life. I’ve had several great friends over the years, but I fully understand that relationships aren’t always the same throughout each stage of life. I’m okay with that. As a 34 year old single person, I’m not entirely convinced that I’m supposed to be with just one single person forever. I mean, that’d be cool, but I’m reluctant to believe that is my reality.

I have a growing list of topics I want to discuss here. Some will be funny, some will be insightful, and some will be an honest story of what I am compelled to tell.

Why? What’s the point?

I feel compelled. Life is short. We can talk, we can share dialogue, but the only true representations of my life experiences will be expressed here.

As a person I try my best to be diplomatic, objective, fair and understanding. It’s my nature. It’s sometimes misunderstood. This is my outlet to share what I need to share.

I’m a huge fan of constructive dialogue. I’m a fucking work in progress. If you can’t take me now, you certainly shouldn’t see me at my best, I also wouldn’t trust you at my worst.

I’d love to discuss anything privately. Email me.

Patience, grace, and love to you and yours – Lesley Jo