He was always a jokester…

It took a long time to figure out which family member I really, truly came from. I’m almost all the way sure I’m cut from the same cloth as my Great Grandfather, who I knew when I was a young child. I remember him vividly, he would hold my hand on the front patio at the beach condo. He would have the same thing every night, a Budweiser and cheese waffle crackers – at dusk, by the ocean. Every night.

He probably only held my hand for a minute or two, but it felt like days back then. He was very good to me, and I’m very happy to read the article/interview that is attached below.

In 1938 he borrowed $50 and started a BBQ restaurant, and it’s still open to this day. The new owners are in the interview but they kept it true to form. Simple. When I was a kid he gave me my first $50 bill to start a savings account with.

They didn’t have segregated bathrooms either, which for Raleigh in the 1930’s, is just impressive to me.

 “And everybody knew Clyde for being the kind, fun-loving soul that he was. And that’s what I remember about him. I never saw him be rude, hateful, ill, edgy, anything; he was always a jokester.”

The whole interview is below the video clip. There’s some seriously interesting info in that interview.